While on a journey, travelers make unexpected discoveries (some good, some not so good).
However, these new discoveries and experiences are often motivations that completely transform the traveler’s life.
There are often times when we compare the time spent while traveling with our everyday life.
I love this town’s atmosphere. I want to live here. I want to know more about this country.
I want to be able to speak the language of this country.
Human beings can experience a gamut of emotions.
When traveling, a deluge of feelings impact our future and transform our lives.
This transformation undoubtedly facilitates great satisfaction.
Travel is a life changing and fulfilling experience, supporting our lifetime development as individuals.
Tavitt offers such “change” by inviting “people who seek a life transformation” to experience this wondrous journey.



There are many spectacular places on this earth.
Many people are eager to go and visit places, but dismiss travel as something
that requires a great deal of time and money due to preconceptions and a lack of knowledge.
Nowadays, however, the number of low-cost carriers (LLC) has increased while price competition has intensified.
Compared to several years ago, it is easier today to see the world at a bargain price.
Travel will become readily available to everyone in the future, as prices continue to fall.
TAVITT distributes information gathered from multiple sources so you can plan an efficient trip,
even when visiting a destination for the first time.
For “those who have little interest in world travel” or “those who have some knowledge of a certain location,
” we provide a “CUE” or opportunity that can inspire such people to visit places or plan a trip.
If there is a place you would like to visit, consider researching it with TAVITT.