Tavitt Logo Usage Rules

Please use Tavitt logo data for introducing our company in your web service, blog, etc.

If you would introduce Tavitt with the logo by publishing the articles, we would like to offer you 10 Tavittcoin.
Please contact us for further details: info@tavitt.co.jp.

Any and all the rights in and to the logo, including but not limited to, copyright and trademark right, shall belong to Tavitt (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.

In using the logo, the user is prohibited:
1. to change the aspect ratio of the logo and then use the logo
2. to alter, change the logo
3. to change color of the logo
4. to use the logo in a manner leading to disrepute or defamation of Tavitt (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. or our services
5. to use the logo as a part of, or incorporated in, any product names, service names, trademarks, logotypes, company names etc. of the other companies
6. to use the logo in any other manner which is considered to be inappropriate by Tavitt (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. at its own discretion


In no event shall Tavitt (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. be liable for any damage incurred by the user arising out of or in relation to the logo.