Sou Kanazawa


Sou founded Tavitt(Thailand) Co., Ltd. in 2014.
He has focused on management of Tavitt since he sold his previous company in 2017.
He has 10+ years’ experience in EC business in Japan.

Emre Bana


Emre is a professional marketer.
Previously CEO of one of the biggest Turkish crypto exchanges, Sistemkoin from 2017 to August 2019.

Mayumi Okabe


Mayumi joined Tavitt in 2015 and has managed the entire content since Tavitt was founded.

Shoko Akiyama

Chief Communicator

After graduating from a US community college, she worked as a freelance newspaper reporter for a year.
After that, she earned a bachelor’s degree in Journalism from Minnesota State University concentrating on Multimedia Journalism and Documentary Journalism. Since 2017, she has had a career as a translator, video editor, and writer in the blockchain and crypto industry and joined Tavitt in 2018 after having experienced editing and translating the Japanese version of British Blockchain Magazine.



Ryo has joined Tavitt since its establishment in 2014 and has been in charge of development.
After graduating from a university, he has gained an experience in developing and operating various Web services as an application engineer.

Cai Kin

Blockchain engineer

Cai has 5 years’ experience as a blockchain engineer from the early stage in the blockchain industry. She is engaged in integration with the OKEX blockchain and the OKChain ecosystem at Tavitt.

Shuji Oikawa


Shuji is a professional designer, video creator and marketer.
He previously worked at a video production company and became independent.

Yasunori Kimura

Legal adviser of Travel destination recommendation service