Tavitt issues TavittUSD which synchronizes with the dollar rate

Tavitt (Thailand) Co. Ltd. (Head Office: Bangkok) has issued TavittUSD tokens to construct a structure making it easier to convert Tavittcoin to legal tenders.
TavittUSD tokens will always maintain a value of $1USD per 1 TavittUSD.

1TVC=1TavittUSD, so this value of 1TVC=1TavittUSD=$1USD can be guaranteed.

Therefore, after Tavittcoin (TVC) is listed, the probability of 1 TVC falling to below $1USD will be lowered.

Holders of Tavittcoin (TVC) can convert Tavittcoin to TavittUSD once they clear certain conditions.

※ If the market price of Tavittcoin (TVC) is over $1, you will be able to convert it into TavittUSD according to the market price of that day.

For example:
If the market price is 1TVC = $3.20, the rate for the conversion will be 1TVC = 3.2 TavittUSD = $3.2USD.

■ The Merits of Issuing TavittUSD (TUSD)

1.Tavittcoin→TavittUSD (can maintain a more stable price than cryptocurrency)

2.TavittUSD→USD can be converted over WavesDEX

Waves DEX

■ Conversion Conditions

People who bought over 3000TVC from Tavitt and have possessed it for more than 2 years will be allowed to convert to TavittUSD.

※ People who obtained TVC from Airdrop, Bounty or an exchange cannot convert it.

■ Conversion Application

Please apply through Tavittwallet to convert Tavittcoin (TVC) to TavittUSD.