Tavitt Joins OKEX OKChain Ecosystem

Joining the OKChain ecosystem.

OKChain is a public blockchain that is independently developed by world-leading digital asset exchange OKEx. It became 100% open-sourced on April 16, 2020.

The cooperation between Tavitt and OKChain will see Tavitt supporting communication between various ecosystem participants in order to facilitate partnerships and synergies.

The proposed next steps include:

Issuing Tavittcoin on OKChain.

Developing a DEX for Tavittcoin.

Creating a mechanism that allows each project that is participating in OKChain to transmit information to other projects on OKChain.

Tavitt aims to be a critical member of this ecosystem by easily and efficiently realizing the value of interoperability and communication between various projects, sharing their expertise and know-how to drive the entire group forward.

OKEx looks forward to the realization of these goals and welcomes Tavitt to the OKChain ecosystem!

■ Concrete Plan

– Prepare a page that displays a list of each project participating in OKChain

– In the initial state, all the projects are following all the other projects. If they are not interested in particular projects, they can unfollow those projects and will not receive any notification about them.

– All participating projects will receive notifications about release information and updates for each project.

– Build a simple mechanism that makes it easy to create pair transactions with coins issued by each project on DEX.

Ex) When you press the pair creation application button, the other party will be notified. If the other party agree, the pair will be created automatically.

– Quantify and rank the transaction volume, activity, and contribution of each project.

When the number exceeds a certain number, the level will be improved and OKT tokens will be distributed as rewards. Each project will create a mechanism to maintain motivation permanently.