Tavitt to be listed on the market at American exchange EXRATES at 0.1Satoshi

Tavitt (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Bangkok) will be listed on the American cryptocurrency exchange named EXRATES from 28th June 2018.
The starting price upon listing will be 0.1Satoshi.

■ About 0.1 Satoshi


The transaction unit for BTC at EXRATES is 9 decimal places.
By listing it at 0.1 Satoshi, which is the lowest transaction unit, the risk of price decline reduces.

Tavittcoin’s price is 1TAVITT = 0.0001BTC

The starting price at EXRATES will be 0.00001TAVITT/0.000000001BTC.

The risk of any decline in price is low, so the pressure to sell for holders is predicted to be lower too.

■Expansion in the future

1. All expenses necessary for the trip can be paid with Tavittcoin The web service presented by Tavitt named ‘Travel Recommendation Service TAVITT’ is undergoing development so that payment of flights, hotel reservations and package tours planned by Tavitt can be paid with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Tavittcoin.

2. The Traveler (travel provider) x Package Tour x Reward
This is a platform structure that aims to allow the traveler to earn their travel fees while travelling.

It will be possible to sell a package tour that you have devised through Tavitt’s web service named ‘Travel Recommendation Service TAVITT’ .

We are entering an age where a number of people are no longer satisfied with regular package tours.

There is a large amount of information available for famous tourist attractions, and it is common for first time visitors to make their way there easily.

When they fall in love with one country and decide to go to that country again, they will start to look for information locally.
In those instances, the places or restaurants that local people recommend have little information, so it can be difficult for travelers to get there.

In general, there are no package tours being sold that take you to these types of places.
On this platform, travelers can create their own original travel package and sell this for a reward.

They can receive this reward in cash or cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Tavittcoin.

3. Tavittcoin will be listed on many different exchanges to increase the marketability.