Tavittcoin tokens will implement a dual-blockchain structure on the Ethereum platform(ERC20)

The same number of Tavittcoin (TVC) being issued on the Waves platform will be issued on the Ethereum platform (ERC20).

※ The maximum number of TVC distributed in the market will remain at 100million TVC, so there is no change to this.

By implementing this dual-blockchain structure, users will be able to freely move/transfer to the Ethereum blockchain from the Waves blockchain by using the blockchain composed of Ethereum’s smart contract.

■ The Merits of Implementing a Dual-Blockchain Structure

If there is ever a significant technical issue or problem on either the Waves platform or the Ethereum platform, Tavittcoin tokens can be transferred to the platform which is safe with no issues.

All transaction history is kept on the blockchain, so if either blockchains cease functioning, users can prove the transaction using the private blockchain that proves ownership.

Once ownership is proven, tokens can be released from the safe blockchain and be issued back to the original owner.

■ Technology, Specifications

The maximum number of tokens issued in the market will be fixed to 100million TVC.

Waves tokens with no marketability will be locked in the WAVES wallet, and any Ethereum tokens with no marketability will be locked to the Ethereum wallet.
Users will be able to select the blockchain when they purchase TVC.

If users wish to transfer from the Waves token holder to the Ethereum blockchain, they should access the web interface that Tavitt manages.
(Planned to be implemented by the end of April 2018)

There, users can specify the ETH address and send WAVES tokens to the locked wallet.

After the transfer, the ETH tokens will be transmitted immediately.

If users wish to transfer from the ETH token holder to the Waves blockchain, it is the same process as above.

The tokens on the Waves blockchain and the Ethereum blockchain will always remain the same, and it will never exceed 100million TVC.