Message from the President


Based on this conviction, I aspire to offer a convenient service that meets global demands.
I have always believed in the following:
“I would like to provide a global service as I was born on this incredible star called Earth.”
About a year ago when I was planning a trip, it dawned on me that it is necessary to research several sites in order to gather adequate information on a single country.
Overseas travel can be unnerving if you do not verify in advance information
such as directions to the city in the country you intend to explore,
transportation costs, and accommodation.
In the process of doing so, I faced extreme difficulties in obtaining accurate information
and wasted much time considering how to make an efficient “trip.
” The ability to exchange information between users, directions to a destination,
cheapest tickets, required travel time, hotels and accommodation,
public safety, most efficient route to a destination…
At that time I thought: “Wouldn’t it be convenient if one could get all of this information
from a single website.” “Everyone in the world has probably felt this way at some point.”
This was my “CUE" or opportunity to establish “TAVITT.”
At the time, I was tried to recalling my reasons for wanting to travel.
For what reasons do people desire taking a trip?
Since previously I had made travel plans in a matter-of-fact manner,
I didn’t give much thought to this.
While I was attempting to trace back this yearning to its roots,
I realized that I was looking to make a life change.
People have embarked on journeys several thousand years ago.
Today is no different. In modern society,
travel has become an essential commodity.
There are so many spectacular places on this earth.
However, it is impossible to acquire everything one wants to know about these
wondrous places on one website.
I want to…
…introduce many spectacular places to people the all over the world.
…deliver a sizable amount of information to travelers around the world.
…propose travel destinations through a simple and easy-to-use system.
…offer a web service that inspires people to set out on a trip.
…offer life-changing travel experiences.
To accomplish all of the above would be a tremendous feat, but
I felt that such a web service, if it were to exist, would without doubt be a convenient tool.
I started “TAVITT” with this conviction.
People are granted limited time in life.
We need to use this time economically in order to enjoy life as much as possible.
To help achieve this, TAVITT is firmly dedicated to servicing
and supporting travelers around the world.

Soichiro Kanazawa