Tavitt to Release 10 Airline Tickets as NFTs in Debut Drop

Tavitt (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Bangkok, Thailand) has released NFT airline tickets, which can be exchanged for actual tickets. These NFTs are now available on a NFT trading platform OpenSea.

Tavitt leverages its partnership with Skyscanner to redeem NFT airline tickets for real-world tickets covered by Skyscanner.

The initial lots of NFT airline tickets are all numbered limited editions and the same number will never be sold again.


The selling price is also set cheaper than the average price, and it is also recommended for those who plan to use that route.

The flight price from New York to London in the image is 699.40 USD on October 5, 2021→ The price of the NFT airline ticket is 0.15 ETH (about 454.60 USD), so it can be purchased at a lower price, saving about 245 USD.

As of now, Tavitt NFT airline tickets that can be purchased on OpenSea are available on the following routes: New York, London, Paris, Los Angeles, Singapore, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Dubai, Tokyo and Hawaii.

*Tavitt NFT airline tickets can be exchanged for actual economy class one-way tickets provided by Skyscanner.